Our vaccine costs range from 1000 TO 3000 for our core vaccines.  We can review with you which vaccines are best for your puppy depending on the age and lifestyle of your pet.  Please bring in vaccine records when you come in for your visit.

I. Canine (Dog) Vaccination Guidelines

Canine Core Vaccine:

Canine Parvovirus, Distemper Virus, and Adenovirus-2 Vaccines (DAPP)

For initial puppy vaccination (< 16 weeks), one dose of vaccine containing modified live virus (MLV) CPV, CDV, and CAV-2 is recommended every 2-3 weeks from 6-8 weeks of age, with the final booster being given no sooner than 15-16 weeks of age. For dogs older than 16 weeks of age, two doses of vaccine containing modified live virus (MLV) CPV, CDV, and CAV-2 given 2-3 weeks apart are recommended. Vaccination is recommended every 1 year per manufacture guidelines.  However, there are vaccine products labeled for 3 year administration.

Canine Rabies Virus Vaccines, 

In accordance with Pakistan law, we recommend that puppies receive a dose of  rabies vaccine at 10 weeks of age then 13 weeks and repeat annually for booster dose. Adult dogs with unknown vaccination history should also receive a single dose of killed rabies vaccine. A booster is required one year later.

Canine Leptospira Vaccines

Multiple leptospiral serovars are capable of causing disease in dogs, and minimal cross-protection is induced by each serovar. Currently available vaccines do not contain all serovars, and duration of immunity is probably about 1 year. However, The initial vaccination should be followed by a booster 2-4 weeks later, and the first vaccine be given no earlier than 10-11 weeks of age. In general, Leptospira vaccines have been associated with more postvaccinal reactions (acute anaphylaxis) than other vaccines. The recent introduction of vaccines with reduced amounts of foreign protein has reduced this problem.

Bordetella bronchiseptica

Agents associated with ‘kennel cough’ or canine infectious respiratory disease complex (CIRDC) in dogs. We recommend starting vaccines after 10 weeks of age and follow up in 2-3 weeks after the initial vaccine.  Our practice requires that this vaccine be given every 12 months for our facility. Ideally, the vaccine should be administered at least 24-48s hours prior to the anticipated boarding date for maximum effect, but can be administered at time of admission. Some kennels require immunization every 6 months, annual booster vaccination with B. bronchiseptica vaccines is considered adequate for protection.

Canine Non-Core Vaccines

Non-core vaccines are optional vaccines that should be considered in light of the exposure risk of the animal, ie. based on geographic distribution and the lifestyle of the pet. Several of the diseases involved are often self-limiting or respond readily to treatment.








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